A Sincere Counsel

My sincere counsel to a pastor that left where he was for a new assignment. (Though now expanded) I believe it may also help someone out there.

1. Let go of bitterness against your former platform if there’s any.

2. Face the assignment with everything you have. Mockery awaits you from your former place and people if you fail, especially if your departure was not celebrated.

3. No man or system is perfect or a standard of Christ. We know in part and prophesy in part until the fullness of time. What is true to you may not be exactly same for others. No one has monopoly of God or His ways therefore, Run far away from any public controversy that may infer where you were coming from. Everyone who ever introduced reforms in Christendom and sustained it through never attacked the church but was rather attacked and persecuted by the religious leaders of his day while he remained on a focused pursuit of the mandate given to him by God. Any conviction fueled by pride, arrogance, disregard and disrespect to Others has been hijacked by the devil and as such will be limited in impact. Because, the fruit of the spirit is love, peace and gentleness. Controversy maybe a ladder to attain political relevance but not in ministry. God can never be a part of what attempts to pull others down no matter how genuine the cause is. The day you choose to attack others, your force and impact begins to reduce.

4. Your past is no longer your challenge but the responsibility of the new assignment. Refuse to be dragged into confrontation by your former place.

5. Never publicly join to castigate, denigrate or critic the oil or grace that once helped you. Remember David and Saul. David ran away from Saul, focused on building his men rather than making Saul his headache. God knows how to handle Saul. That’s if the person is actually a Saul and you’re a David not an Absalom.

6. Never repeat the same mistakes on your subordinates you once complained against about your superiors.

7. Ministry is not only about prayer, fasting, revelation, eloquence or utterance. Many have those but are still voiceless. it’s more about the heart. Anyone who affects your heart has limited your force and impact.

8. If your ministry does not create any difference, then it was not necessary.

9. Have a network of people who share your values to make a difference and company with them.

10. Get a respectable mentor, not necessarily by popularity but one who shares your core values and can be accessible to you and be answerable.

See you again.

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