Counsel to a young minister

I have tried not to post this so it’s not misunderstood but The Holy Ghost kept quickening my spirit. I don’t know who it’s meant for but please listen:

You don’t engage in unionism and activism in ministry. The day you start it, God turns His back at you even if you are right. God is more interested in the PEACE of the body than in whatever gift, vision or passion He bestowed on you. Paul disagreed with Peter, he didn’t stay in Jerusalem to fight Peter and prove how right he was, neither did he stir the other disciples to rise against Peter’s authority, but turned to the gentiles where his passion and ministry will be accepted and God blessed his ministry. Barnabas disagreed with Paul, he never stayed to fight Paul because they started the churches together, he turned his face towards Cyprus to fulfill his calling and God blessed his ministry. God has a way of humbling those who abuse their ecclesiastical position. If what is passionate in your heart is of Kingdom interest and it’s not being accepted where you are, recourse to God for the next instruction.
Anytime you fight the church, your ministerial potential gets greatly limited.

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