While meditating on the situation of some church people sometimes back and wishing things were better or will suddenly turnaround for them, the Spirit of the Lord whispered to me, “Don’t pray for the people to succeed or be prosperous, teach them how to succeed and be prosperous and then enforce it with prayer” So I came up with this statement, “don’t pray to succeed, pray to know what to do, and pray after you have done what you should do”. In this conference, I am bringing you over twenty years of multi-sectoral experience. This is not a seminar but a mandate. A seminar is powered by philosophy and academic facts but a mandate is revelational and ‘impartational’ at the frequency of a divine force. A seminar gives you information but a mandate enforces transformation. I am not just going to teach you the principles of success and wealth creation but how to route spiritual oppositions to success. This seven days may just be the answered prayers you have been expecting for a long awaited turnaround. You can register and make hotel reservations via this link

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