Deep Vs Deep

Deep calleth unto deep at the noise of thy waterspouts: all thy waves and thy billows are gone over me.
Psalm 42:7
One of the greatest frustration of budding people especially in ministry is trying effortlessly to secure the attention and relationship of those they consider as mentors and inspiration.
Many young people get discouraged when they fail to establish a direct or consistent contact with their idols. Now listen, many people you see at the top in any field have had their fair share of negative experiences. They are also victims of the USE AND DUMP SYNDROME. Many come to them not because they are really interested in a lasting relationship but only wants to leverage on their name, experiences, platform or network. This has made many would be mentors erect tall fences that are only scalable by the very determined and focused so as to reduce the demand on their time. Those with capacity to take you far will first test your resolve and capacity to go very far. (Remember Elijah and Elisha)

1. Know what you really want and be sure they have it.

2. Device other means of being mentored by them either through their materials or any online platform where they are present.

3. Don’t seek for their attention, just initiate and cultivate a relationship no matter how little.

4. Constantly give them feedback on your activities even where there’s no response.

5. Keep sharing your testimonies with them not your challenges or temptations while seeking their inputs in handling your challenges. (Success stories easily attract the attention of the successful more than anything else)

6. Sow things into their lives even when it appear they don’t need it. (Successful people hardly have people give them things)

7. Be ruggedly committed in your own task. (Many times they do a background check on your activities, monitor your progress and make enquiries about you and what you do without your knowledge)

8. Ensure their core values are understood and respected by you not just their results.

9. Ensure your personality is not lost trying to imitate them. (They recognize and appreciate difference and originality. It inspires and draws them towards you)

10. Never be intimidated by their success no matter how huge. Be deliberate in drawing inspiration from them. Once the inspiration produces the required results it will command their attention without your struggles.

1. Success most times recognizes success even in its embryonic stage.

2. Those who are truly busy always have their meeting place at the top.

3. You will eventually attract who you have grown to be.

4. What happens inside your spirit creates a magnetic field around your life that attracts after its kind.

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