Don’t Go This Way

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death..
An ungodly man diggeth up evil:
and in his lips there is as a burning fire. Prov 16:25,27.

Having studied current trends amongst the current generation of young people I can’t help but wonder what is going on and what the future holds for them. It has become trendy to go in search of what to criticize someone about especially those whose principles and convictions they fell out with. As a student of history, I can’t help but remember those who have towed that part and what has become of them. The moment what someone is doing preoccupies your heart, you lose your momentum to pursue what you were designed for. Oh yes, you have a right to disagree with someone on any issue but making that person a subject of public discuss instead of the issues only confirms your acceptance of psychological defeat and emotional immaturity.

Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor E A Adeboye and few others have been the most criticized amongst the Nigerian church circle for different reasons yet they are getting bigger and larger by the day while their critics keep dwindling in fortune and fame and handing their batons to others.
The Pentecostal churches for close to a thousand years made the Catholic Church a subject of attack yet it is still growing bigger and larger by the day.

Barack Obama won a lot of white sympathy when John McCain left the political issues to attack the person and race of Obama. Mohamed Buhari won more sympathy from the youths when the then ruling party left issues to attack the person of Buhari with a certain video while the opposition were very strong on the issues of corruption and insecurity in Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote, Donald Trump, Bill gates were all accused of monopoly and other uneven business practices yet they are getting bigger and larger by the day while their critics fade into insignificance.

Critically analyze those who criticize with the aim of pulling down their targets, they never get to positions of real influence. They quickly attract like sympathizers who eventually leave them with time.

It is a law of nature that anything you attack publicly you can never attract abundantly.

I have seen Pastors that left a denomination, instead of focusing on pursuing the ‘new assignment’ and building the ‘new vision’ they make their former mentor or organization a subject of attack, no wonder so great limitations despite the presence of diverse graces and giftings.

1. God never designed growth and impact to ride on the vehicle of accusations and criticisms.

2. The critic and the accuser will always be below their subject of accusation.

3. Success does not criticize Success because it knows what it takes to succeed.

4. Anyone who goes in search of what to pull others down with can never maintain a place at the top.

5. The day you assume the position of the accuser is the day you lose the capacity to make enduring generational difference.

6. Those who strive for greatness don’t strive with people.

7. Criticism and accusations only become fuel for those doing great things to prove their convictions.

1. Disagree with people on issues but never take on personalities.

2. The easiest way to counter what you perceive to be wrong is to focus on your convictions and magnify it in such a way that it swallows what is wrong.

3. You can run with your convictions without necessarily running down people. Focus on it and give no place to strife.

4. Before you criticize people or accuse anyone, find out their lifestyles, sacrifices and commitment to the cause they believe in.

5. Never join a vehicle you don’t understand where it’s coming from or its destination. Most critics and accusers are victims of hurt, betrayal, bitterness, failure, envy or jealousy.

6. Focus the time you would have used to talk against others in pursuing your passion or cause.

7. Nobody’s success, height of attainment or accomplishment can stop your rise- don’t feel threatened!

8. Those who joined you to pull someone down today will eventually join to pull you down tomorrow- this is why breakaway ministries always suffer same fate with time.

9. The only official of the accusation ministry is the devil, don’t take it from him.

10. People may celebrate you as bold, wise or strong today in the ministry of accusation but will call you names tomorrow when you can no longer sustain them on the journey to where they desire to be.

11. Nothing built on strife, envy, jealousy or contention has a future.

12. Don’t go that way, leave it for others. Your world needs what you carry.

Confirm if you heard!

Grace to let go is released to you in Jesus name!

You will not be distracted out of your purpose in Jesus name!

May God guide your thoughts and tongue aright in Jesus name!

See you next week on this platform!
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