Don’t Mind Them

As I read through the book of Judges 11:1-11. The story of Jephthah fired some light into my spirit which captures the state of someone out there. Please sit well as we uncover the lessons from that scripture.

1. He was an illegitimate child- his mother was an harlot.
2. He was rejected by his brothers.
3. His brothers drove him away from his inheritance.
4. His kinsmen never thought it necessary to interfere because they saw it as a waste of time and energy cause nothing good can be expected from the son of a harlot.
5. He lost friends, family and associates.
6. He never fought to be accepted.
7. He did not struggle for inheritance with his brothers.
8. He did not allow their perception and rejection to be the basis for his own perception of himself.
9. He didn’t go about whining and complaining in self pity to everyone that cares to listen.
10. He did not allow his background to bury his destiny in the grave of people’s opinion or perception.

1. He pursued a personal relationship with God.
2. He took responsibility for his destiny since he cannot change his history.
3. He pursued personal development.
4. He understood the power of people development and management thereby raising a private army.
5. He understood the power of sacrifice and became sacrificial.
6. He understood the power of self value hence, refused to offer his services in exchange for peanuts.
7. He understood the power of systematic negotiation.
8. He never allowed, bitterness, anger and unforgiveness to lay hold on his heart.
9. He was neither vindictive nor willing to get even with his brothers but only pursued self expression.
10. He built a formidable family front with loyalty and sacrifice.

1. They came looking for him.
2. They came begging him.
3. They came seeking reconciliation and association.
4. They were willing to sacrifice their ego for his leadership.
5. No one remembered or talked about his background.

1. Your history cannot determine your destiny.
2. People’s opinion and perception is inconsequential.
3. Don’t expend the energy you need to make progress in fighting enemies- many of which are going no where.
4. Take responsibility for your own destiny.
5. Your story will always change if you remain connected to God.

Please do not copy and paste without reference as some people do. Spiritual plagiarism is a sin. If you are blessed, kindly share with someone. God bless you!


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