Don’t Play their Game

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Phil 3:13-14.

Nothing places limitation on the pursuit of purpose like contentions from friends and foes. Paul was a man of rich history: he fought the disciples, became a disciple, raised several disciples, was resisted, deprived, criticized, betrayed and abandoned yet ended gloriously.
What was his secret? FOCUS ON THE PURPOSE AND ITS ULTIMATE FULFILLMENT. He gave little or no attention to all the above subjects and their actors until at the end of his assignment when he was reading his profile. 2 Tim 4:6-8.

Many times we allow people’s misconceptions and misconducts get deeply at us to the point of making us bitter and them our focus by trying to prove a point to them; get back at them; compete with them or literally fight them to prove our strength, innocence or sagacity in the subject area. This has become a subtle device of the enemy to get many a potential stagnated or limited in expression and delivery, thereby making them a shadow of what and who they could have ultimately become. Please don’t play their game with them. There’s a saying in Ibo (A major language of south East Nigeria) that you only count miles after a race not before or in the course.

1. Those with nothing at stake has nothing to lose, don’t play their game with them.

2. Those who strive for mastery hardly strife with people:
Isaac left one well to another when they strove with him until he wearied them out and arrived at his Rehoboth. Gen 26:19-22.

Jacob refused to play Laban’s game and God showed up for him. Gen 31:26-42.

Joseph never bothered to get even with his brothers or Potiphar’s wife when God lifted him to show he never took their misdeeds to heart. Gen 50:17-20.

David had the opportunity to kill Saul but he refused to play Saul’s game and God established him. 1 Sam 24:4-12.

Jephthah quietly left his brothers that conspired against him but with time, God made him their leader. Judges 11: 1-11.

Daniel never fought those that were threatened by his rising profile, God answered them for him. Dan 6:1-24.

3. It’s natural for those who are less busy to pick holes in the assignments of those who are truly busy.

4. You will never please everyone every time even if you bleed for them. You can ask Jesus. Leave them and move on.

5. Many attempt to engage you out of frustration, anger, bitterness, jealousy or envy. Don’t play their game with them.

6. Any attempt to repay anyone’s misdeed is a show of ingratitude to God for frustrating their evil plots against you. Don’t play their game with them.

7. You can’t look down and remain up, neither can you look back and maintain motion for long.

8. Your heart remains the engine of your destiny, guard what it entertains per time because that can become the fuel or water of your motion.

1. Understand your assignment from God and keep at it, you are accountable to Him not to people.

2. You were not sent to everybody, locate your audience and pay attention to them. Never expend your energy on wrong emotions.

3. Leave your detractors to God and the law of karma to handle. They do a better job with time than you can ever do.

4. Deal ruthlessly with principalities at the place of prayer but maneuver your way through personalities with wisdom.

5. Always remember that people behave according to their knowledge, perception and experience per time which changes with time, never begrudge anyone for their current conduct, they could have been wrongly informed.

6. Understand and operate the laws of seed time and harvest in your relationships. No one can successfully sow into your life what you didn’t sow into others.

7. Give full attention to what you do and tell the story of how you did it later.


You will fulfill destiny!

Every human or satanic conspiracy against your destiny will hit failure!

Grace for a life of focus is activated for you now in Jesus name!

See you next week on this platform.
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