Don’t quit!

A major assignment of the devil is to make you appear helpless over your struggles and quit trying to overcome it. Listen! It’s an ancient gimmick traceable to Eden. The weakness is not exclusive to you but a common company of every mortal. Many submit to its demands and surrender their destiny pursuits while few others pressed on leveraging on available grace unto victory.
You maybe struggling to overcome a weakness or an addiction, don’t quit trying, help is coming! You maybe struggling at the place of prayer, don’t quit trying and surrender to prayerlessness, help is coming! You maybe struggling to please God with your life, don’t quit trying and bow to a sinful lifestyle, help is coming! For a righteous man falleth seven times but ariseth from them all. Prov 24:16.

Never be intimidated by the ‘super spiritual’ disposition of someone else and judge yourself helpless. Your current area of strength may be their current area of struggle. That they are not having your struggles does not make them anyway superior to you. Nobody’s life is a standard measurement for righteousness except Christ. Many have struggled through their weakness to where they are now while many others are still struggling with it but won’t come public with it.

Can you in anyway remember that, It was the same Peter that denied Jesus that later surrendered for crucifixion because of Christ. It was the same Thomas that doubted Christ that later turned Asia around for Christ. It was the same Paul that supervised the killing of disciples that later became a forceful pillar amongst the disciples.

Let people judge you but don’t quit! Let the devil accuse you but don’t quit! Your reputation may have been tainted but don’t quit! The mistakes you made are facts, but forgive yourself, dust your ass and keep going! There’s a divine investment in you that must not be wasted! A time is coming when you will remember the struggles of today, laugh over it and thank God you didn’t quit.

People shall see a different you!
Grace to hold on is activated for you!
Strength for perseverance is released to you in Jesus name!

See you on victory hill.


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