For Pastors

Never forget that you are not a motivational speaker; not a lecturer or an adviser but a messenger with a message. The potency of your declaration is not in the loudness of your voice but in the health of your spirit. It’s possible to insightfully divide the word without effect if the spirit is not healthy. You can fake seriousness but you can’t fake spirit health. People may clap and scream as you preach but still return the same if the word is not driven by a healthy spirit. The positive effects of ministry are spiritually determined. Words are first weighed in the spirit before they are allowed physical expression.
People hear your voice but demons weigh your spirit.

The health of your spirit is a function of your private dealings with God through a life of righteousness, obedience and selflessness.

Before you stand to minister this morning, let your spiritual receptor be tuned to Divine wavelength. Lay aside any interference to your connectivity to Divine transmitting frequency.

Experience uncommon flow today in the service(s).
May heaven respond to your desires in the lives of the people In Jesus name!

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