For Pastors
Though you are expected to know something about every subject in the Bible but you were not called to emphasize everything in the Bible- no one is.
Nothing relegates a ministry like trying to be a generalist. Every impact making ministry or minister has a cutting edge drawn from scripture. Locate yours and emphasize it. Many may not like it but your explanation is to God not to people

Wherever you are passionate about and get more testimonies is a clue to your cutting edge. Sharpen it very well and deploy it with every force you can draw. 

Celebrate those who function very well in other areas but never be intimidated or feel short changed. God judges you based on how well you used what was given to you not what another had. 

As you stand to minister today, deploy and emphasize that area that burns in your spirit and you will be surprised what God will do. 

Enjoy God’s grace today for maximum impact in the life of your audience In Jesus Name!


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