For pastors
It takes much more than utterance, strategy, good packaging and tact to Pastor a growing church especially if you are the founder. There’s what is called Spirit driven. This drive is stronger than the drive of vision, purpose or passion. It’s the force that drives you through satanic oppositions; helps you dismantle spiritual erections. It drives you pass the pain of human betrayals and desertion. It drives you pass the bus stops of personal comfort, premature satisfaction or human accolades. It’s the force that drives you pass the dining table even when you didn’t plan to fast. It’s the force that makes you uncomfortable seeing the people you Pastor in various needs that require divine intervention. It’s the force that drives you pass people and places that parked. Until you are apprehended and driven by this force, your ministry may just be another church down the road.

As you stand on the altar today, let this mind be in you!
You will not end small!


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