God Has Not Forgotten

Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?
yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Isaiah 49:15.

Many times life’s situations bring us to a point where we begin to doubt the genuineness of our beliefs, confessions and stand on scriptural provisions.I mean those times where it appeared as if you made a mistake by not compromising your principles over what appeared to be an easier way out. Those times where you begin to doubt if you really took the right decision in not giving in to a consensus opinion against your personal scriptural convictions. The times where you fasted, prayed sowed seeds and sacrifices yet no sign of intervention seem in view. I am talking about those times where you denied yourself sleep to pray and worship night after night and the challenges seem unperturbed and unimpressed but appeared to increase rather than abate.

Now listen! You’re not alone in this. I have been there, Many have been there, many are currently in the same situation as you while some are just coming out of that circle. One thing is sacrosanct; no act of godliness goes unrecognized and unrewarded by God. Men may forget but not God! Your timeline may not just be His for reasons best known to Him but His intervention is sure.

1. Be sure you are not in disobedience to any instruction regarding steps or actions God may have communicated to you. Isa 1:19, Job 36:11.

2. Be sensitive to Divine directions and instructions. Psalm 19:2, Hab 2:1-2.

3. Arm your spirit with relevant scriptural and contemporary testimonies of similar interventions in the lives of others. Judges 6:11-14, Luke 1:36.

4. Celebrate the testimonies of others and sow into their lives where possible- what you celebrate, you accelerate its attraction and replication. Luke 1:39, Gal 6:7.

5. Stay away from people and environments that suffocate your faith by their negative stories and examples. Always remember that, no Man’s experience equals the will of God. 1 Sam 17:28-30.

6. You may not be always happy because you are human but never lose your joy- joy is a fruit of the spirit. Isa 12:3, Gal 5:22.

7. Refuse to keep quiet. Keep on speaking your expectations rather than your experience. Whatever cannot silence your voice is still helpless about your miracle. You can declare like David thus, The Lord hath chastened me sore:
but he hath not given me over unto death. Psalm 118:18. Job 13:19, Prov 18:20, Num 14:28.

8. Remember other times when God brought you out of a seemingly helpless situation or a near death situation. 1 Sam 17:37.

9. Take faith steps towards the direction of your expectations even when you have no sign of what will happen next or how it will happen- remember Elijah and the rain. 1 kings 18:41-45.

10. Keep hope alive. The length of a situation does not determine the length of intervention. Always remember that it won’t take God eternity to change your situation- remember Joseph, Saul, Daniel, Paul, Ruth, David, Jacob and you. Jer 32:27, 2 Pet 3:8.

God is not unrighteous to forget you or abandon you to mockery and shame.

Every affliction has an expiry date.l attached.

Until God blows the final whistle, the game is still on and you can not lose it.

Grace not to give up on God or give in to your situation is activated for you now!

I declare your accelerated passage into your season of testimonies in Jesus name!

Every level or situation you are overdue has lost its grip on your life and destiny from today!

Your human facilitators are positioned on your path this season in Jesus name!

Remain conscious of rapture as you live in expectation of your breakthrough.

See you next week on this platform.

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