Master of the Game

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me? Jer 32:27.

As I thought of teaching today, this question rushed into my spirit man. I believe God just wanted to speak to someone out there.

As I meditated on the scripture, I discovered how helpless human situations, demonic intentions and orchestration can be when exposed to the powers of Jehovah.
The brothers of Joseph thought their game was properly sealed and carefully delivered but JEHOVAH hijacked the game and used it as a training platform in making a Prime Minister out of Joseph. Gen 50:20.

Pharaoh and the Egyptian army in partnership with the Red Sea and the mountains thought they had the Israelites all hedged in but JEHOVAH just exhaled oxygen and the Red Sea ran for cover from the Israelites and returned to be the cemetery of the Egyptians. Ex 14:21-31.

Simon woke up one morning a known fisherman, left home for business had an encounter with THE MASTER. That encounter changed his name, title, profession, association and social status. Matt 4: 18-20.

The siblings, friends, neighbors and enemies of Lazarus cried, mourned and celebrated the close of his chapter but the coming of THE MASTER arrested the forces of decomposition, rearranged the organs and represented a new Lazarus. John 11:1-45.

People unconsciously gave Elizabeth the title of Mrs barren, but THE MASTER said no, it’s only human opinion and made her the joyful mother of a generational changer. Luke 1: 36-37.

Herod had Peter well securely chained in the inner prison amongst fearful looking soldiers hoping to behead him at an appointed date but THE MASTER arrived the prison and the game changed. Acts 12:1-11.

Ananias knew Saul as a terrorist but THE MASTER in between Jerusalem and Damascus met him and made him Paul the Apostle without taking permission or counsel from Peter, Ananias and co. Acts 9:1-15.

The devil and the Pharisees threw a supposedly victory party over the humiliation, crucifixion and burial of Christ but THE MASTER took death captive, humiliated the grave and restored the dignity of man after three days. Matt 27:62-66, 28:1-6.

To you out there, people may think they have seen the best or worst of your life but THE MASTER is only laughing at their ignorance because He has the game plan and the joker of the game. He will spring a sudden surprise to many by the positive turnaround of events in your life.


* Hold on to God despite what you see or feel.

* Laugh at the ignorance of those who thought they have seen your best or worst.

* Never give in to compromise to have any situation solved- it’s always a trap in disguise.

* Always remember that God holds the key to every Man’s heart, He can open it anytime for you without their permission.

* Having done all you know to do, still stand firm on your convictions about the capabilities of God to turn things around for you.

* Never forget Lamentation 3:37: Who is he that saith, and it cometh to pass, when the Lord commanded it not. And Isaiah 14:27: For the Lord of host hath purposed, and who shall disanul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back?


May THE MASTER throw in the joker on your behalf this week!

Those who saw your tears last week shall announce your testimonies this week!

Your days of negativity just expired this week in Jesus name!

See you next week on this platform!
If you are led to share, please go ahead!

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