No regrets

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Gal 6:9.

It’s not uncommon as human to sometimes want to regret why you give so much love, attention, loyalty, dedication, commitment or investment to a person or cause only to reap disappointments, betrayal or neglect. This regret most times stems from our expectations of reciprocity from the same people or places where we have invested.

Listen! Men will always be men fraught with errors, self centeredness, ego and varying emotions and can never be Angels or God.

The scripture above says, you will reap but didn’t specify where you will reap from. The summary is, reaping is sure as long as there’s consistency of doing.
Joseph did not reap from Potiphar’s house or the prison but at Pharaoh’s palace.

Whatever you do for a person or organization is a seed investment into time. The law of seed time and harvest is too potent to be broken by a person, system, organizational politics or human recommendation.

God uses the raw materials you have invested into people and places to determine your reward. Knowing that His reward system is not subject to human evaluation, manipulation or recommendation should inspire you to keep on with the good works.

As you go out this week, seek for opportunities to be a blessing to someone or your organization.
Keep being faithful! Keep loving! Keep being loyal! Keep investing in your protégés! Keep being truthful! Keep being inspired and keep being rapture conscious!

You will surely return with multiple harvest this month!

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