Refuse a Life of Indifference

And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; Acts 17:6.

I discovered that there are people who are not present but can be felt while there are several others who are present but cannot be felt.

Paul as a Pharisee was referred to as a troubler of the church, and as an Apostle was referred to as a mover of sedition and as a one that turns cities upside down.

The church felt the impact of his phariseeism and the Pharisees felt the impact of his Apostleship.


1. What you make out of life is a choice backed by a personal decision.

2. The principles of outstanding performance is universally applicable not a respecter of faith, race, place or sex.

3. A lizard in one continent cannot suddenly become an alligator in another if it does not have in it what it takes to enlarge its size.

4. That you are a Christian is not a qualification for success. You must operate the principles which incidentally is religion blind.

5. People of impact are governed by personal principle based convictions not by popular consensus or emotions.

6. The success of man is not God dependent but runs on an automated system: purpose + vision + passion + conviction + education + action + association + resilience + God.

7. It’s not when you started that matters but what you do after you have started.

8. That people went ahead of you is a fact but staying ahead of you is a choice- the overtake lane is always free.

9. People will not remember you for what you owned but for the difference your presence made to man and God.

10. Your negative history cannot stop the emergence of your glorious destiny if your present actions are consistent with your ultimate destination.

1. Determine not to occupy space wherever you are found per time.

2. Always remember that the opportunities you have now may not always be available for your use. Maximize the stage when you have it.

3. Never give in to the blackmail of your past in pursuing the reality of your destiny.

4. Refuse to be discouraged by where you are and what you have now, just follow your heart and pursue what you have seen.

5. Always Leave a positive mark where you are and on those you meet now.

May God release to you what it takes to make a difference in life in Jesus name!

The power of average, mediocrity and complacency is broken off your life in Jesus name!

Men shall celebrate your presence and honor your absence in Jesus name!

You can share with others if you are blessed and led to.

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