Shore Up Before You Show Up

Go not forth hastily to strive, lest thou know not what to do in the end thereof, when thy neighbour hath put thee to shame. Prov 25:8.

Many are everywhere today attempting to compete in a field or world they have not taken time to prepare for. This accounts to why there are abundance of small and average manifestations everywhere. In my little walk with God and in life, I discovered that nothing worthwhile happens in a hurry. Anything that ever commanded public attention was given adequate personal attention.

Many today are running like Ahimaaz who saw the victory of the war but was not abreast with the details of the victory and had to be set aside quickly for Cush who was with the real news despite the initial excitement that greeted Ahimaazs’ arrival.

To SHORE UP means to be prepared, equipped, informed and fortified with the right mentality, emotional capacity, required passion and drive, skill and spiritual intensity to drive a discovered purpose or a delivered vision against the tide of natural, human and satanic confrontations.

To SHORE UP means to develop enough concentration that drives you past premature arrivals and human accolades.

To SHORE UP also means to submit yourself for tutelage and required instructions from proven instructors in your field.

To SHORE UP means to submit to the required making process for a desired top place.

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Jephthah, Daniel, David, Jesus, Paul etc did not just set running as soon as they had an encounter, they submitted to the making process.

You can never hold your own up there for long without submitting to the process that makes for up there.

Those who travel take time to service their vehicles, get enough fuel and carry spare tyres, jacks etc so they are not stranded on the way, how much more destiny journeys.

Many have hurried out to failure, shame and ignominy in their chosen fields because they felt the SHORING PROCESS was time wasting.

The SHORING PROCESS will cost you your ego, pride, money, time, comfort, relationships, discipline and energy but its returns are priceless.

I know you have encounters, God has spoken to you, you have fire, zeal and passion but please take time to SHORE UP BEFORE YOU SHOW UP.

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