Spiritual Aggression

Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you. John 20:21.

Many times religion tries to paint a picture of a timid, docile, apologetic and insult receiving Jesus thereby attempting to box every believer into that picture not knowing that Jesus handled every situation according to what the enemy implied or intended. Jesus operated in spiritual aggression towards any devil in human, demonic or natural form.

For instance:
When the storm tried to misbehave He shouted ‘PEACE BE STILL’ and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39.

The fig tree attempted mocking His temporary situation, He declared ‘ MAY YOU NEVER BEAR FRUIT AGAIN’ that was the end of the tree. Matt 21:19.

The two mad men took over a whole road and stopped everyone from using it, not even the police of their day could arrest them but, when Jesus appeared, they screamed, ‘please torment us not just allow us enter those pigs’ and Jesus declared, ‘GO’ road cleared. Matt 8:28-32.

The tax collectors tried to embarrass Him publicly, He told them to hold on and commanded Peter, ‘… GO THOU TO THE SEA, AND CAST AN HOOK, AND TAKE UP THE FISH THAT FIRST COMETH UP; AND WHEN THOU HAST OPENED HIS MOUTH, THOU SHALT FIND A PIECE OF MONEY: THAT TAKE, AND GIVE UNTO THEM FOR ME AND THEE’ Case closed. Embarrassment arrested. Matt 17:27.

The devil tried to use the multitudes to proof His El Jirehness with just two fishes and five loaves, He commanded the people to ‘ SIT DOWN’ the end result was surplus to shame lack and want. John 6:5-13.

The people were waiting to laugh at His claim of being the Resurrection and the Life at the tomb of four days dead Lazarus, He roared, ‘TAKE AWAY YE THE STONE’ and spoke into the realm of the dead, ‘LAZARUS, COME FORTH’ and Mr death apologized and released Lazarus, story changed. John 11:39-44.

Herod tried to threaten His life by proxy, He responded, ‘GO YE AND TELL THAT FOX’ matter ended. Luke 13:31-32.

They came with military might to arrest Him in the garden, while others were running He stepped out and roared, ‘WHOM SEEK YE?’ they all landed on the ground. John 18:4-6.

Pilate tried to intimidate Him with political position, He responded, ‘… TO THIS END WAS I BORN, AND FOR THIS CAUSE CAME I INTO THE WORLD…’ fear came upon Pilate. John 18:37.

No devil, man, element, situation or condition has the right to mock, threaten or embarrass you.

Don’t watch what you don’t want!

Don’t permit what you don’t want to persist!

Don’t tolerate what you don’t want to operate!

Any devil misbehaving around you with any condition that negates scriptural provision is tamed from today!
You have the Spirit of Christ. You have authority in your tongue. Heaven is waiting to dispatch Angels on your behalf.
Go on and exercise your aggression and return with testimonies in Jesus name!

See you next Monday on this platform.

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