The Rules and the Exceptions

And the Lord God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to DRESS it and to KEEP it. And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely EAT. Gen 2:15-16.

As I looked at the above scriptures, I saw that though God had created the garden with everything required to sustain man before placing man in it, however, God did not leave man in the garden without an instruction.

1. Dress.
2. Keep.
3. Eat.

God was trying to communicate to Adam that though I have made some provisions for you now to start you off but that’s not the RULE but an EXCEPTION. Whatever happens from here is now your responsibility. In other words, ‘Adam, if you want to continue eating, the RULE is that you have to dress the garden and keep it before you can eat’

I see a lot of people pursuing the exceptions of life (miracles, luck, welfare, chance, fate, breakthrough anointing etc) today rather than the rules ( thought, vision, planning, work, learning, strategy etc). No wonder we have had more ‘Christians’ that have become social liabilities than assets. God was communicating the principles of VALUE ADDED LIVING to Adam. When a life is not adding value to creation and humanity, it begins to depreciate and waste without knowing.

1. Everything you need to become all you can be is within and around you. Discover, dress and deploy it. Gen 2:15-16.

2. God can give you an intervention miracle to bring you out of a certain challenge, but expects you to know what to do to remain out of the challenge. John 5:14.

3. The instructions were given to man before the fall so it’s not answerable to religion, culture or race but universally answer to everyone who operates it. Matt 5:45.

4. When you experience a miracle, thank God for it but never rest on it. Jesus didn’t go on multiplying bread everywhere and every time. John 6:26-27.

5. The proof of faith in God’s ability to do what He says He would do is in your commitment to keeping to the rules of creation. Deut 28:1-2.

6. That God visited you, spoke to you or anointed you is not a guarantee of success if you break the rules- ask Adam. After Jesus was anointed, He went about doing… Acts 10:38.

7. Man was not created to live by miracles but by principles. When principles are operated, miracles become a natural occurrence. Luke 6:38.

8. Supernatural forces get unconsciously activated when natural processes are consciously operated.
Gen 24:27.

1. Expect miracles everyday but obey rules every time.

2. Take steps in the direction of your desire while being sensitive to strategic Divine directions on the way.

3. Always obey rules but also allow God to overrule when He wants to.

4. Stop waiting for handouts, you have enough capacity to handout to others.

5. Fight your fears now so your children can face their front tomorrow.

I curse every spirit of mental, physical and spiritual laziness in your life now in Jesus name!

You will not be a liability this year in the name of Jesus!

Your name shall sound solution to the ears of men this year in Jesus name!

I activate Divine forces on your behalf in Jesus name!


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