The Tree and the Fruit

For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes. Luke 6:43-44.

The above scripture directly from the mouth of Jesus aptly captures the state of over ninety percent of people especially African Christians.
It’s not uncommon to see a lot of people willing to fast, pray, sow seeds and consult spiritualists or men of God in their quest for a change of situation. While all the above except the consult of spiritualists are good but they never produce lasting solutions to any of life’s challenges.

We are faced with a situation where people rather do forty days night vigil than attend a three day related seminar.

Many find no problem with waiting for weeks to see a man than investing a week to read a related book.

Many don’t mind spending hours with friends in discussing problems but will never invest thirty minutes of productive thinking in searching for a solution.

For many, until you attach a certain demon to their problems they don’t believe you are anointed enough.
Jesus was and is an Apostle of inner transformation hence His insistence on believe to see- BE then SEE.

Looking at the scripture again I can saw the following:

1. True and lasting change starts from WHO you are not WHAT you are or HOW you are.

2. Your outward situation either positive or negative is temporal if your inner self is not in consonance with it.

3. To change anything, look for the source and handle it, the outcome will naturally change.

4. Expecting to see around your life what you have not consciously invested in your life is a recipe for continuous frustrations.

5. The most important area to pay attention to is your invisible self: spirit and mind.

6. How your year ends to a large extent is a manifestation of what you did when your year started.

7. Asking God for a miracle while you are not willing to make requisite changes is the beginning of an unending fasting and praying experience.

8. God works the miraculous but expects us to understand and operate principles.

9. Miracles become natural for those who operate by principles.

10. If you can change WHO you are and HOW you function, you won’t struggle to become WHAT you have been praying and dreaming of becoming.

1. Sit down and know what you want out of this year/life.

2. Ask yourself what is required to achieve them.

3. Analyze your current abilities, activities, spirituality and mentality and know where to upgrade from.

4. Invest more in your personal capacity development in line with the demands of your expectations for this year/life.

5. Change yourself first and watch your situation change.
Someone said, ‘Doing same thing but expecting a different outcome or result is a proof of insanity at a level’
I believe in praying, I believe in fasting; I believe in giving; I believe in unlearning and relearning; I believe in reading; I believe in working; I believe in thinking; I believe in improving; I believe in strategizing and I believe in networking.

Someone shout I hear!

See you next Monday on this platform!
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