Life was designed to reward those who are determined not to bow to intimidation either by men or by the forces of life. Things will confront your convictions, challenge your resolve for a change and contend against your attempt to rise. But be willing to arise! Be willing to arise out of where they feel you deserve to stay. Be willing to arise out of receiving leftovers, handouts and handdowns. Be willing to arise out of the excuses life has given you. Be willing to arise out of mere existence. Be willing to arise out of the consumption group. Be willing to arise out of the rest of them. Yes! Be willing to arise out of being a liability to your family, organization or nation. Be sensitive to divine signals and events divinely orchestrated to be your leverage. Be sensitive to discern whose ears you need to shout to receive the needed attention. Be sensitive to know the season to ignore the counsel of those who pity you but are not willing to help change your situation! If you are determined for a change and can outshout their intimidating noise, then, heaven will smile on you and men will recognize and celebrate you.
That was the story of blind Batimeaus. The same people who pitied him for years saw an opportunity for his change of story but didn’t tell him about it but rather tried to stop him when he tried get it by himself.
Biblical inspiration: Mark 10:46-52.

You won’t miss your season of visitation!
Grace for sensitivity to divine opportunities!
Wisdom to leverage the right situation in Jesus name!

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