Returning from a crusade in Benue state 10 years ago with my Senior Pastor, I had a brief stop on the way to attend to someone. Few minutes into my stoppage, I saw all the cars I had earlier overtaken zooming past me and the Holy Ghost instructed me the following:
1. Never think you have gone too far to be overtaken! That you are parked does not mean others are not moving.

2. No matter how fast you think you are in the journey of destiny, one distraction can set you many years backward.

3. That someone went ahead of you is a fact but that does in no way keep them ahead of you perpetually. Once capacity is built and momentum is sustained, overtake is inevitable.

4. Never be intimidated by the results of anyone today, appreciate, respect and celebrate them because you are still coming. Just locate your lane, remain focused, persist in pursuit and keep refueling as required, they will soon hear the sound of your destiny vehicle approach.

5. No one is a landlord on the way of destiny or at the top of life to determine who moves or who comes up, anyone who pays the price has a place.

6. Whatever you are doing that is giving you results, keep at it and improve on it to remain relevant. Don’t ever forget that, many people are already on the way to where you are now.

7. Beware who and what gets your attention. Those who strive for excellence, don’t strife with men. Your attention should be on the direction of the game not on the noise of spectators.

Someone shout I hear!
Have a blessed and resultful week!
May the Lord cause your path to fall on pleasant places!

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