Many join a marathon race for bodily exercise and some join just for the fun of participation while very few see it as a competition for a prize. Those who are there for fun or exercise bow out at the slightest sign of exhaustion but those whose eyes are on the prize trudge on irrespective of how they feel. How you run is a function of the importance of what you are pursuing or the consequence of what is pursuing you. Where nothing is at stake life’s assignment is handled with levity and destiny bows to gravity. Every field of life is filled with the exercisers, the participators and the competitors. Never company a person who has staked nothing and has nothing to lose. The right company is fuel for motion any day.
You didn’t out-swim your peers through the Fallopian tubes and weathered the rigors of being planted into the womb enroute the earth only to appear here to watch things happen.
Listen! Recalibrate and refire! You are here to make things happen!
This weekend shall be a season of discoveries for you!

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