The greatest assignment of a truly pregnant woman is not going about telling everyone and trying to convince them to believe she’s pregnant but to guard the pregnancy against abortion. When your pregnancy is in its formative phase, it’s just you and the Doctor that knows. People will shove you off, struggle with you for things and places but when the pregnancy becomes heavy, people handle you with caution. You get favours you didn’t solicit for. You begin to hear things like, “allow her pass. Allow her sit she’s pregnant” Even police, Road Safety etc give preference to visibly pregnant women. Now listen! Never beg anyone to believe in your vision or dreams. Never get angry when no one seems to help you start. They’re not obligated to. Nurse your vision, guard it from people and places that can threaten its development. When it becomes visible, which is a matter of time, you get unsolicited helps and favours. People love to identify with what is succeeding not what is breeding. They pride in being a part of what is blowing not what is growing. Nurse your dreams and feed it with the right nutrition and in a short while, men shall gather to celebrate you. It’s already too late for you to go back! You can’t give up now! Men shall declare the goodness and faithfulness of God on your account this month! Biblical inspiration: Joseph, Elizabeth and Mary.
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