I am seeing the African church making the same mistake Moses made. When a church focuses only on preparing the people for heaven, it leaves them vulnerable to the whims of the world system that eventually makes life difficult for them to the point of missing heaven.
Moses brought them out of Egypt, and the focus was just to take them to Canaan by all means. The people were left to depend on Moses to provide meat, water, food, security etc. The people were absorbed of taking responsibility for their lives in consonance with the Canaan vision, this made them mentally useless and productively inefficient.
Summary: Both the people and Moses died on the way except Caleb and Joshua.
Was God to be blamed? No!
Was God less powerful? No!
Does God love the people? Yes!
Was the vision real? Yes!

Now listen! Your refusal to grow from within makes you helpless before external factors. It also makes The all powerful God helpless in your matter.

Look at this, But without thy mind would I do nothing; that thy benefit should not be as it were of necessity, but willingly. Philemon 1:14.

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