Understand Your Season

There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO I WILL BE WITH THEE: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Many times it is not uncommon for people to pattern their lives, operations and expectations to that of a role model, a predecessor or a mentor. This has helped a whole lot of people to take right steps and accomplish great tasks for God and man while also leaving others in frustration and doubts about the authenticity of their call, faith or knowledge.
Now hear this: God’s word and principles are timeless but dispensations differ. Refusal to understand your dispensation and walk accordingly is a set up for big time failure. GOD NEVER PROMISED TO DO WITH JOSHUA WHAT HE DID WITH MOSES BUT TO BE WITH HIM.


1. Though Divine presence should be a constant but mode of operations may vary.

2. No man’s experience equals the perfect will or standard of God. He can choose other ways without changing who He is.

3. That someone prayed for three hours, fasted seven days or gave a sacrifice to have a breakthrough does not make it a standard process you must undertake before you can have a breakthrough. (Moses stretched out his hand over the Red Sea Exo 14:21 while the Priests had to stand in Jordan for the water to part in Joshua’s time. Joshua 3:7-8,13-16)

4. That you applied a certain principle and it did not work for you does not mean God loves you less, it’s possible there’s an instruction you need to download from God that is necessary for the particular issue.

5. God is not affected by times and seasons but communicates His instructions in tune with times and seasons. He appeared to Moses through fire (Exo 3:1-4) but appeared to Joshua through a sword carrying Angel.(Josh 5:13-15)

6. If you attempt to apply the same principles you use to raise your children or protégés to manage them, you make rebellion inevitable because times and seasons differ. The principles of people development are different from that of people management.

7. Respect age and experience but never forget that you have a different season. Use the experience of the aged but apply the principles of your season.

8. Always remember that God has separate dealings with individuals, don’t build a doctrine out of yours.

9. Always remember that there’s no single route to any destination apart from heaven. If a known strategy doesn’t work, be open to the Spirit of God for a new strategy.

10. Never forget that your new discovery doesn’t make the principles of your predecessors wrong, it’s just a matter of time and seasons. Never talk down, castigate or demonized your predecessors because of your new discovery, they laid the foundation for what and who you are. Just face your front.

Someone shout I hear!

You will never miss your season for a turnaround in Jesus name!

I command your eyes and ears to be open to every discovery you need to change your life positively in Jesus name!

Grace to ruggedly apply yourself to the discipline and demands of your season in order to birth your desirable destiny is released to you in Jesus name!

See you next Monday on this platform!
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