Wao August is here

Get ready for August testimonies!

I make demands on the force of Calvary to deactivate every evil program or schedule against you, your family, career or business this August in Jesus Name!

I speak as one commissioned with a divine mandate and backed by the forces of heaven:

You will neither see nor hear of tragedy around you!

This August, things shall augur well for you!

It shall augur well in your business, career, academics or family!

I heard that August was sent to deliver joy, Peace, grace and Favour to you!

You will neither struggle nor sweat in this August!

Divine facilitators of destiny are activated to function for you this August!

In this August, you shall see the help of God!

You will not see shame nor disappointment this August!

Failure shall lose contact with your endeavors this August!

Aaaaaah!!!!!!!! You have heard enough testimonies, it’s your turn this August to be heard!

Shagaliketeembrahaya! Kondoshelikratataa! Mayandalekrito! Barayangalito!

Your laughter shall be loud and clear!

People shall gather to congratulate you this August!

Welcome to your month of uncommon harvests!

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