Watch your heart
Guard thine heart with all diligence… Prov 4:23.
Anytime the enemy wants to ground a destiny, he launches a deliberate but subtle attack on the heart. The heart is the engine of life. It’s what drives purpose, vision and destiny. You can’t lose control without until you’ve lost control within. A broken spirit is worse than a broken leg. A punctured heart is more devastating than a punctured tyre. What affects your heart affects your will and what affects your will your life bows to. Victims of this subtle battle become helpless to life’s circumstances and in turn become agents of hurt to others. You may lose a relationship, but don’t lose heart. You may lose a job, but don’t lose heart. You may lose a position, an opportunity or a reputation but don’t lose heart.
The easiest way to guard your heart is to withdraw its attachment on material things, human activities or promises. No one owes you anything, neither was anyone sent here to make you happy.
You have a destiny that must not be wrecked. You have a task that must not fail. You have an assignment too important to be aborted. You have a future waiting to be celebrated.

Jesus survived the denial of Peter, the desertion of the disciples and the process to crucifixion because of the joy that was set before him. Locate those things that sustain the flow of ‘blood’ to your heart and feed on them daily. These are: the enthusiasm of vision and purpose, positive expectations, revelational light from scriptures, the right words from inspired men, the right company and the remembrance of God’s undying love for you as well as His commitment to see you succeed!

You will make it!
Your assignment will not fail!


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