What Killed Samson?

Samson was one of the most visible players in the Old Testament era occasioned by the inexplicable exploits traceable to his existence. Howbeit, he died young without fulfilling his assignment.

We have always thought it was the Philistines, Delilah or his uncontrollable libido that killed him but, as I read through the book of judges 16, The Holy Ghost settled my thoughts on vs 28-30, as I meditated upon it, I discovered what actually killed Samson. Please sit back as we unveil the verses.

1. He was miraculously conceived.
2. He was unusually anointed.
3. He had a mandate from God.
4. He had zeal for the assignment.
5. God’s mercy was super-abundant for him.

1. He lacked wisdom.
2. He tolerated his anger problem.
3. He paid no attention to his emotional development.
4. He was a loner- refusal to build profitable relationships.
5. He thought his uncontrollable libido was a proof of real masculinity.
6. He had no prayer time.
7. He had no spiritual or parental guidance.
8. He did not understand the power of sacredness.
9. He took the mercies and the grace of God for granted.
10. He lacked capacity to draw from the power of hindsight.

All these DEMERITS only limited the force and length of his ministry BUT DID NOT KILL HIM.

So what killed him?
Verse 28b says, “O God, that I may be at once AVENGED of the philistines for my two eyes”
Verse 30a, And Samson said, let me DIE with the philistines…

1. The spirit of vengeance- he wanted to proof a point.

2. Hopelessness- he made his setback to become his graveyard despite the fact that God was beginning a new season in his life by allowing his hair to grow again.

3. Pride and arrogance- couldn’t bear the shame of living with the loss of his two eyes- consequences of his mistakes.

4. Negative utterances- he underestimated the power of spoken words especially in times of desperation.

5. Guilt and self condemnation- he couldn’t bear the guilt of failing those he was sent to save. He had maintained a posture of infallibility before them during his season.

1. That God spoke to you, gave you a vision or visited to commission you about a matter does not guarantee ultimate success. You must take responsibility.

2. It is possible to be anointed and end frustrated where wisdom is absent.

3. There are things God expects you to search out by yourself despite your closeness to Him.

4. Abortion of destiny becomes inevitable where attention is not paid to personal spiritual, mental, emotional and relational development.

5. Learn to forgive yourself where you have made terrible mistakes. Never forget that you are human.

6. The end of a phase for you is not the end of the game for you if you don’t give up on yourself and on God-YOUR HAIR CAN STILL GROW AGAIN.

7. Be focused in pursuing and fulfilling your life’s assignment and LEAVE VENGEANCE TO GOD.
Never forget that offence is a part of human existence and offenders most times are detractors of destiny.

8. If you don’t pay attention to your weaknesses, they will slow your speed and redirect your destiny to a path you may never recover from.

9. Never make negative utterances when you are undergoing a negative phase, for WORDS ARE DESTINY SEEDS.

10. Never forget that your destiny is so precious that the enemy can pay any price to have it aborted where you keep taking things for granted!
11. What happens around you may slow you down but what happens within you determines your eventual outcome.

12. Learn lessons from your mistakes and use them as raw materials in the building process. Don’t be through with yourself when God is planning a new chapter for your destiny.
Somebody shout I hear!

See you on this platform next Monday!

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