You Are Not Late, You Are Still Coming!

Many times we get discouraged, depressed and dejected when it appears things are not going with us as expected or as others who seem to be our contemporaries in life, business, school, career or ministry.

As I looked at the book of MARK 11:1-3 about a certain donkey that was tied at the gate of a certain village, light came into my spirit which I will like to share with someone out there.
Please sit well and don’t forget to share with someone if you are blessed.

1. It was designed to carry load but was not- POTENTIALS WITHOUT EXPRESSION.

2. It was tied by people who didn’t understand its purpose- VISIBLE LIMITATIONS BY EXTERNAL FACTORS.

3. It was tied right at the gate of the village, seeing people and other donkeys going in and out but could not go in- HAVING POSSIBILITIES WITHOUT REALITY, EXPECTATIONS WITHOUT MANIFESTATION.

4. It envied other donkeys carrying people and loads wishing it were them- THOUGHT OF HAVING BEEN OVERTAKEN BY CONTEMPORARIES.

5. Other donkeys mocked it as being useless, lazy and unfortunate- A LIFE OF MOCKERY, CONCLUSION AND HUMILIATION BY OTHERS.

6. Some people were around it but couldn’t help it instead, they monitored it- PEOPLE WHO ENJOY YOUR PRESENCE, CAN’T HELP YOU, BUT WILL BE QUICK TO DISCOURAGE YOUR ATTEMPT AT PROGRESS.

7. It saw itself as a misfit and good for nothing hence, could not be considered for any assignment- POOR SELF ESTEEM AS A RESULT OF PAST FAILURES, PEOPLE’S OPINION AND NEGATIVE STATEMENTS BY OTHERS.

But a day came that this donkey encountered Jesus and its story changed. Jesus never considered any donkey qualified to carry Him but this rejected, humiliated, mocked and abandoned donkey. Other donkeys carried ordinary men and heavy loads, walked on bare hard grounds, never got noticed by anyone because their going in and out and what or who they carried made no difference. But this same rejected donkey, had people place their clothes on the ground for it, celebrated it and its entrance into the same city was with pomp and fanfare.

1. Jesus is the junction between history and destiny. Your chapter opens when you encounter Him genuinely.

2. That someone went ahead of you does not keep them ahead of you. YOU ARE STILL COMING!

3. Your waiting time is not a wasting time but a preparation time for a special assignment to humanity.

4. Never get frustrated when it’s not yet your time. Your coming will always be bigger and more forceful.

5. Never forget that every man’s opinion about who you are and what you can do is inconsequential to how God sees you.

6. You were designed for a special task, never allow anyone intimidate you with what they are doing currently.

7. When your time comes, even your enemies and mockers will be helpless concerning your breakthrough.

8. Never use anybody’s experience to judge yourself. You have a different outline, pathway and task to accomplish in life.

9. God will never seek human opinion, family background or current situation to determine His blessing upon your life.

10. Never allow the events of your history, your immediate environment, current story or human perception to determine your self worth and future possibilities. OUR GOD IS A GAME CHANGER, STORY CHANGER AND DESTINY MAKER.
Someone shout I hear!

Share with others if you are led and like the page for more scriptural lights. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! See you next Monday.

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