You Shall Laugh Last

After these things King Ahasuerus promoted Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and advanced him and set his seat above all the princes who were with him. Esther 3:1.

Looking at the scenario that preceded the above verse you would have expected Mordecai to be the one promoted since he it was that saved the King’s life. While Mordecai was expecting to be rewarded Haman was busy making divination and enchantments hence influenced the decision of the king.
Mordecai went home in tears while Haman went home rejoicing albeit temporarily.
As I meditated on this paradox of events, the Holy Ghost ministered the following to my spirit.

1. That you deserve a thing does not make it automatic for you where you become mentally and spiritually complacent.

2. Some physical events are products of spiritual transactions and conclusions. ( you can intercept things in that realm through prayer, fasting and seed sowing)

3. The enemy’s triumph is always for a moment as long as the right candidate does not give up on life.

4. Your enemies who thought they are smart can be used to organize and properly arrange a befitting place for you. ( Mordecai eventually inherited the position and mansion of Haman)

5. What the enemy took from you does not always come back in the same state but repackaged for glory and honor.( Haman was promoted quietly but the whole city trooped out to witness and welcome Mordecai)

6. In your unfavorable season, guard your heart and tongue against negative utterances against yourself and God. Seasons come and go but words are not easily erasable.

7. Never compromise your convictions because of your condition. Your convictions will eventually change your condition. (Mordecai refused to bow for Haman)

8. People may mock your principles today but will return to celebrate your principal placement tomorrow if you remain consistent.

9. Never give in to envy, jealousy, bitterness or depression when it appears as though others are way ahead of you, one push from God is all you need to overtake. (Mordecai moved from gateman to the prime minister)

10. Those who laugh at you today will eventually count it a privilege to laugh with you soon.

1. Remain committed and connected to God despite the situation.
2. Never see any man as your source but channel. God can decide to use any channel He deems necessary at any time.

Whatever they took from you diabolically and manipulatively is recovered now in Jesus name!

I puncture the effect of every negative influence upon your potential helpers in Jesus name!

Those who thought you are being stupid by maintaining your integrity shall be alive to witness your testimonies in Jesus name!

Someone shout I hear!

Go ahead and share with others if you are blessed and led to.

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