Your Name and Your Name

When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? Matt 16:13.

I have come to discover that everyone that ever lived has two names. The name you were GIVEN and the name you are CALLED.

1. Being born gives you a name but your input into life calls you a name.

2. Your first name is a label of identity while your second name is a product of function.

3. People decide to call you your first name but you decide what people call you as a second name.

4. Your first name introduces you but your second name determines how and where you can be introduced.

5. Your first name gives you access but your second name determines how long you can have the access.

6. Your first name helps you to associate but your second name determines who you can associate with.

7. Your first name is a sound people hear but your second name is a picture people see.

8. People may not know how to pronounce your first name but won’t forget what your second name represents.

9. People and circumstances may be very comfortable with you maintaining your first name but will resist, fight, conspire and contend with your attempt to get your second name.

10. Your first name comes to you naturally but your second name comes to you by your choices.

11. Your second name is what lives on after your first name has stopped living.

12. Until you have your second name even your first name may never be known.

1. Understand purpose and pursue it with passion.
2. Locate a vision and keep your focus on it.
3. Take responsibility for your life. No one can do this for you.
4. Live a value driven life. Live for a cause.
5. Have respect for time and direct it.
6. Cultivate profitable relationships.
7. Maintain a positive attitude and outlook to life.
8. Be liberal with what you have from where you are.
9. Maintain a prayerful life.
10. Be a covenant practitioner- Tithing, Prophet offering, Parental offering, welfare offering etc.

Somebody shout I hear!

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